General Infrastructure

  • 5 Storied OP Block & 10 Storied IP Block
  • Available are 500 beds and 70 ICU beds
  • Round the Clock Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology & Ambulance Services
  • Commercial Block with accommodation facilities for relatives of patients and canteen facility
  • Water and Sewage treatment plant
  • 250 KVA Generators & 6 Lifts
  • Centralized A/C Plant
  • Banking Facility
  • Central Monitoring System
  • Incubator

Operation Theaters

  • Fully equipped 12 theaters with modern operating tables, OT lights and other equipments.
  • Also are available dedicated and trained theater staff.

Casualty and Emergency Services

  • 24-hour Casualty and Emergency services
  • Trauma services
  • Full time availability of diagnostic facilities and specialists
  • Fully equipped ambulance services

Pharmacy services

  • 24-hour pharmacy services with separate IP and OP pharmacy units.
  • Quality drugs at affordable price
  • Ideal storage facilities

Health checkup schemes offered

  • Master Health Checkup
  • Executive Health Check up
  • Comprehensive Health Check Up