•  1.5 Tesla MRI Scan with facilities for MRI cardiac Study, MRI Perfusion brain, MR Spectriscopy, Foetal MRI, MR Venography, MR Angiography, MR Colangio Pancreatography, MR whole Body, MR Mammography, MRI of brain, Spine, Knee, Joint, Shoulder joint etc.  Spiral Multi slice CT Scan with facilities for CT Aortagram, CT Peripheral Angiogram Upper & Lower limbs, CT Urogram, CT Perfuison Brain, CT guided Biopsy & FNAC with Robotic assisted biopsy and normal studies.  Colour Doppler study of Peripheral, Arterial & Venous Vascular flow abnormalities, Study of Portal hypertension, study of Mesenteric Ischemia and carotid vessels, study of fetal Doppler visceral organs & vascular and carotid vessels, Study of fetal visceral organs & vascular abnormalities etc.,  4 D Ultra Sound Scan with Colour Doppler  800 mA X-ray with II TV, 500 mA X-ray with computerized radiography