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The College of Nursing is approved by Indian Nursing Council, Kerala Nurse's & Midwives Council and is affiliated to University of Calicut. College of Nursing is situated in the academic campus spread over 4 acres of land in a separate multi storied building with excellent infrastructural facilities.



Fundamental of Nursing Laboratory

In this well equipped pre clinical lab, students practice the nursing art procedures before they start their actual practice in the clinical field. The lab is equipped with nursing skill man requires, CPR in, IV infusion arm etc. in addition to the facilities in an ideal ward situation

Community Health Nursing Laboratory
In this lab, students practice the skills and techniques for providing family health care and participation of community health activities.  The lab is equipped with the community health bags and different form of AV AIDS.

Maternity & Child Health Nursing Laboratory

The laboratory facilities help the students to practice ante natal, intra natal and post natal care before they go for clinical setting. The mannequin for practicing abdominal examination, delivery, episotomy suture, new born doll etc helps the students to learn Maternity and Child Health Nursing.
Nutrition Laboratory
Under the guidance of qualified and experienced Dietician, the students learn to prepare various types of diets for patients, children, pregnant women and normal individuals. The laboratory is equipped with refrigerators, storages and facilities for demonstration of preparing diet based on the nutritional needs.

Computer Laboratory

The computer lab is equipped with adequate number of computers with internet facilities. The students are trained by expert computer professionals.

Audio Visual Laboratory

The audio visual laboratory is equipped with various educational medias to support the teaching and learning activities of nursing students. The media includes television, LCD projector, OHP, audio / video players, tape recorders, public address system, models, charts and other exhibits related to nursing services.

Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

The lab has excellent collection of skeleton system, original bone sets, various models of human body etc.

The Academic Library has a wide range of Text Books, Reference Books (both Indian and Foreign) and Indian and Foreign Journals. The academic library has more than 2500 books related to various subjects. The service of qualified and experienced librarian is offered for the students.